Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Monday: the Lord of the Rings soundtracks

Mondays are generally a slow day for me as far as writing and blogging go. Often I have not had time to read much over the weekend, and once Monday morning arrives, I feel like there is not much for me to talk about. That's part of the reason why I have blogged heavily for a week or so in the past and then suddenly stopped. Weekends around here are utterly unpredictable, and when we have a chance to do something, we do it. Nothing wrong with that, it's just difficult to keep to a schedule.

Anyway, I've decided that if I post on Mondays, maybe I'll write about something that helps me with writing, specifically music. I don't need much prompting to write about music, honestly. I'm quite passionate about my music and what I like and dislike. As far as writing goes, I will pick my listening inspiration based on what I'm trying to write about. Usually, anyway. On occasion I will listen to some good ol punk rock, such as My Chemical Romance, because they are the best, but most likely the music you will hear leaking from my headphones will be orchestral film soundtracks.

Film soundtracks have always been an obsession of mine. A particular favourite film series is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the music is no different. The emotion and energy contained within Howard Shore's score is enough to sustain me through a whole day of writing. And come on, how do you not find Lord of the Rings inspiring, especially when you're an aspiring fantasy writer like me?

Full soundtrack on YouTube. (Seriously, it's one long three hour and forty minute video. This makes me so happy because though I do have the soundtracks on cd and in my iTunes, I can use this just as easily.)


Of course, I have another reason for featuring Lord of the Rings today; it's Hobbit Day! On this day both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins were born in the Shire, so of course we celebrate! So break out the ale and have yourself a hearty extra meal (or four!)

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