Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains


Happy Tuesday and happy October! And because it's Tuesday, it's time for the weekly meme from The Broke and the Bookish. I didn't participate last week because the theme was October reads, and I had already shared my reading list with you lovely people haha. So. This week's theme is.... VILLAINS. Pick your top ten villains in books, movies, tv shows, whatever. I'm gonna go with books, because well...this is a book blog. Though I could easily give you a list of favorite villains in other media. I mean, I watch enough tv...

Anyway. My top villains in books. Which is basically going to come down to my favorite books.


1. Voldemort
     Because obviously. I mean, he's an incredibly well crafted character.

2. Saruman
     I could have picked Sauron, but honestly Saruman has more to him and he becomes such pure evil while under Sauron's influence. It's creepy. Plus the movies don't show you what he does to the Shire and what the hobbits come home to.

3. Jadis/The White Witch/etc.
     I've read the Chronicles of Narnia so many times, which is kind of obvious haha. The White Witch always fascinated me as a child, but it was more because of her control over the weather (winter has long been my favorite season) than anything else. She's also pretty pure evil when we first meet her as Jadis in The Magician's Nephew. Like...there's nothing good there. Most other villains start off semi good, but not her. She's pretty well depraved already and only wants to benefit herself.

4. Cluny the Scourge
     I think I'm really dating myself here because it seems that I haven't read many books recently with great villains. But anyway, I couldn't forget to include the infamous rat from the Redwall series. This guy freaked me out hardcore, but his death was pretty cool...getting killed by a bell is good.

5. Grand Admiral Thrawn
     Because all the Star Wars books that came before are still canon, damn it. And Thrawn is amazing. And honestly people just aren't going to read these books anymore and it makes me so sad. Especially because they also brought forth my favorite Star Wars character of all time...but that's beside the point I suppose. (Actually I could highlight multiple villains from the Star Wars books.)

6. Prince Humperdinck
     Because The Princess Bride is an amazing movie and an even better book. Humperdinck is bumbling and really a total idiot (the six-fingered man is the real villain, one could argue), but we all love to hate him.

7. Captain Hook
     I'm talking about the original Peter Pan novel here. Nuff said.

8. The Dead
     One of my favorite fantasy trilogies of all time is the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix. The dead/undead creatures that he created and the mythos surrounding necromancy in his world building is just fantastic.

9. L
     Death Note is one of the best manga I ever read, and while L might not qualify as a villain for some people, he definitely does for at least part of the time. But then again, so does Light. The crazy thing about the series is that anyone can be a villain.

10. Count Olaf
     Last but not least, I can't forget Lemony Snicket's terribly infuriating villain. I mean, he was trying to kill children, for heaven's sake.


So that was a lot harder than I anticipated it to be! None of these are recent reads, and it made me realize it's time to get back into some classic good versus evil. But it also helped me remember a couple books/series that I adored and should probably re-read soon.


  1. This one was hard, I agree! Voldemort was the first that came to my mind also. He's like *the* villain of my youth!

    1. I felt like I was pulling stuff out of my butt, to be honest hahaha. But yeah, Voldemort is totally *the* villain of my youth too!

  2. Good list, I think Voldemort, The White Witch and Count Olaf are good villains too.

    1. Thanks! Count Olaf is just SO slimy; it's sometimes hard to believe he's in a children's series.