Wednesday, May 16, 2012

this is not a book review

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I'm a traditional book kind of girl.
Old books are my favorite thing.
The smell of used book stores is heavenly.
I even adore the smell of new books.

Yes, I smell books.
It's just what I do.
When e-readers first became popular, I stood against them hardcore.
 But I realized that they have advantages.
They are a good way to get many people to read.
They are convenient for traveling.
In short, they are not all bad.

Especially the Amazon Kindle.
I received one of these for Christmas last year, which pretty much meant I had to give in and at least give it a try.
What I found was much more than I expected.

First of all, I am an avid reader of the classics. Actually, I just really like reading books from 100 years ago or more. Amazon (and other sites online) has a myriad of books pre-1923 copyright available for free. I had already known this for awhile, and had downloaded a few of them onto my laptop and my iPod via the Kindle Free Reading App. But my eyes did not appreciate me staring at my computer screen for hours at a time, and the iPod was even less easy to use, being so small. So I gave up on reading books on a screen.

So, second of all, the actual Kindle is not backlit. This was quite the selling point for me because that means even though I am looking at a screen, it's not glaring into my eyes the same way any other screen does. (As far as I know, most other e-readers are backlit, but I haven't done much research on this.) I, of course, had to buy a book light to use when I want to read in low light, but that still is not the same as a computer screen.

Third and last of all, I just love Amazon. I have always had good experiences with them. So, I suppose this review is just a little biased, but as far as e-readers go, the Kindle Touch is definitely worth the price. :)

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